You are welcome to participate in our contest about fresh water and win a trip to Baikal!

An international photo contest is held by the Production Center «Modern Age».

Why do we conduct such a contest?

We want to use the art of photography to draw public attention to the global issue of preserving fresh water all over the planet for the current and future generations, especially waters of Lake Baikal as one of the biggest and purest fresh water bodies.

What should be on photos?

- Photos should be made on the territory of Lake Baikal or any other fresh water body. On each photo there should water in any state in the foreground as the main theme. People, animals, natural or cultural surroundings near the water body are acceptable.

How many photos?

- Each participant can submit up to 3 photos.

Should the photos have captions?

- Please add captions to each of your submitted photos. We reserve the right to edit the captions.

Contest deadlines

- Please submit your photos until March 14, 2017. The winners of the contest will be announced on March 31, 2017.

Who can participate?

- Any person regardless of their age or country of living.

Your photo will be placed on the home page of our web-site!

- Every submitted photo gains “likes” within 10 days from the date of its submission to the website in the ‘Gallery’ section. The shot with the highest number of likes will be then transferred from the Gallery section to the home-page for the next 7 days.

Authors of the best photos will be awarded the following prizes:

- First place: photo camera Canon (EOS 80D) from the “Canon” company and a trip for two to the lake Baikal from the “Baikalov” company;
- Second place: smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge;
- Third place: smartphone Galaxy S7.

And a bit more about the terms of the contest:

- Project organizer reserves the right to select photos eligible for the contest;
- A photo approved by the moderator cannot be deleted/replaced;
- All photos uploaded to the website are examined by the moderator within 2 days before their publication on the website;
- Photos should be submitted by the authors themselves or their authorized representatives;
- Authors of the photos transfer the right to use their works to the Production Center OOO “Modern Age”, so in order to be able to participate in the contest, every participant shall grant their consent for the company to use their works in any manner as provided by the rules of the photo contest;
- All the submitted works are assessed by the contest organizers at the stage of submission and by the members of the jury at the final stage;
- At the final stage the juries assess the works by secret voting, basing on which the winners are selected. Among the members of the jury are representatives of the creative team of the film “The Heart of the World: Baikal 3D”, partners of the photo contest, experts of the workshop on the photo shooting of the fresh water.

To submit your photo, please register.
You will receive a confirmation email, after which you will be able to participate in the contest.
If you have photos of Baikal or other fresh water bodies and you would like to share them, please upload them to our website, and perhaps you will become a winner of one of the prizes.
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