The Heart of the World: Baikal (3D)

Our film is about one of the most mysterious places on our planet – Lake Baikal, the deepest, purest and most ancient lake on Earth. The picture comes out in 2018.

Today, when millions of people have no access to fresh water and almost half of the land has turned into desert, Baikal with its 20% of world reserves of fresh water may help us to prevent a new world war – for the fresh water.

We offer our viewers a thrilling journey to the heart of our planet – to Lake Baikal.

We will submerge into the lake with the use of the submersibles “Mir”, on board of which Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, and David Cameron, a Hollywood director, also dived under water.

We will rise high above Earth to see from space how beautiful and great Baikal is.

We will peek from its depths into the Universe: a neutrino observatory works under the ice layer in the lake’s mid-waters enabling scientists to study the enigmas of black holes.

We will also conduct several global expeditions to those parts of the world, where fresh water already no longer exist.

The film shooting is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The film is being produced in the newest sound and video formats:
IMAX 3D, Dolby Vision, RealD, Dolby.
Moreover, we are going to create a trailer based on VR technologies (Virtual Reality).



Igor Dobrovolskiy Production center “Modern Age”


Anastasia Popova More than thirty documentaries
Films on Channel One and Channel
"Russia", including,
"The great mystery of water,
"History of manners,
"They left with the sea.
Northern convoys "and others


Adam Collis 
Ivan Zatevakhin World experts on wildlife shooting
Researchers, scientists and professors of Irkutsk Limnology Institute
Institute of the Earth's crust of Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch
Scientific Research Institute of Applied Physics of Irkutsk State University

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